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Rackham Catalogue 2005
Goblin Bushis
Skeleton warriors1
Armoured Zombies (AP 21)

Welcome to GameMart


Welcome to GameMart. Offering you the best products available by the best makers at the best price possible. The range of products that we sell is ever evolving so check back often.  Most of all, we hope you enjoy browsing the site and using our services!


RAG'NAROK The long awaited mass battle
wargame boxset from Rackham. RRP £36.00
OUR PRICE £33.95

URBAN WAR New sci-fi skirmish game
from Urban Mammoth.





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Due for release sometime around the first week in April, the new Rackham releases are as follows. For more information and for ordering, click on the links below..

Griffin Thallion Riders
Ashigaru Goblins
Drune Wraiths
Master of Carnage 2
Asadar Cynwalls
Cynwall Akhamials
The Vessel of the Winds


Rackham New releases!

New for March are the following releases for both Confrontation and Rag'Narok. This month also sees the release of the 2005 Rackham Catalogue.

2005 Rackham Catalogue

War Staff of Griffin
War Staff of Alahan
Strohm Knights
Mounted Bard of Alahan
Reapers of Alahan 3
Goblin Sharp Shooters
Rippers of Vile-Tis
Universal Litany
Litany of Light

To view more info and to make your orders, please click on the links above!


WarMachine & Iron Kingdoms New Releases.

March is here and with it's arrival come more new releases for both WarMachine and the Iron Kingdoms RPG system.

March Warmachine releases

Menoth Devout Light Warjack
Cryx Stalker Bonejack
Khador Kossite Unit
Khador Kossite Blister

Iron Kingdoms Releases

IK RPG D20 World Guide
Master Tunnard Gildon
Ekkrion Ganis

To view more info and to make your orders, please click on the links above!



Here's the list of February's new releases, including the Volume 3 of Cry Havoc

Cry Havoc Vol 3

Clones of Dirz unit
Warriors of the Chasm - Mid Nor
Orc Brutes unit
Ballistae of the Lion

Bazuka - Goblin Bushi Champion
Goblin Bushis
Gahlyan - Cynwall Heliast
The Obscure Houses of Acheron
The Wolfen Packs

The availability date is scheduled for the 8-10th Feb.



The new releases for Urban War are now available for ordering. This wave sees the release of new figures to each faction and they are, as expected, as good as the last releases. Bolster your forces or just simply paint them for pleasure... this is a great range!!

For more info CLICK HERE and browse the different facions!


WARCROW from Corvus Belli

We are pleased to announce another another new range in the shape of the Warcrow line of miniatures from Corvus Belli. They are very characterful indeed. We are offering the full compliment of this hard to find range. Here you can choose from humans, dwarves, elves, beastment, creatures, undead, dark elves and orcs. All top quality Fantasy fare!!




Dark Sword New Releases.

Just in are the superb new Dragons from the Elmore Master Series by Dark Sword Miniatures. They are quite a size and the detail is excellent as we've come to expect from this line. Please click on the links below for details and ordering.

Elmore Dragon #1
Elmore Dragon #2


Confrontation & Rag'Narok
New Releases!

January's new Rackham releases include both new Rag'Narok units and Confrontation goodies, including 2 great new Cynwall Elves blisters. For all details and for ordering please click the links below.

Wolfen Warriors - Rag'Narok unit
Solidiers of the Plains - Rag'Narok unit
Aldenyss the Quiet
Wandyr the Bloodthirsty
Cynwall Warrior Constructs
Cynwall Azure Hunters

All new releases will arrive tomorrow


WarMachine New Releases!

New for January are the Cygnar Sword Knights. Available as both a blister and a unit boxset. Click below for further details and ordering.

Sword Knight Unit
Sword Knight Blister



Plus FREE Le Corbeau or Sethin figure for the first customers to order!!

Okay, as everyone is probably aware, the release of Rag'Narok is imminent and is expected sometime in early January. We have held back from allowing pre-ordering to allow for the price to be announced. It has been and it's going to cost just £33.95!!

The Rag'Narok boxset contains two full colour 192 page books. The first deals with the rules for playing massed battles, using the Rackham figures. The second deals with the background and races in the world of Aarklash. The boxset also contains everything needed to stage battles. The full contents have not yet been confirmed and we will update this info when it is received.

The first 3000 worldwide copies will also include the limited edition Drac Mac Syrö.


The free figures will be included, totally at random as this is the only fair way to do this.

For further info and ordering please click HERE


New Painted figures in the store

There are three new painted figures for you collectors. For more details, please click on the links below;

Svala - Hasslefree
Mid-Nor Fire Spitter
Kommandant Irusk


Warmachine Wave 18

This month we see some excellent new additions to the WarMachine range with some hefty artillery to further bludgeon your opposition. Here's what you will be getting :)

Cryx Bloat Thrall
Cygnar Chain Gun & Crew
Menoth Sunburst & Crew
Khador Winter Guard Mortar & Crew

The official release date is the 17th December, which is cutting it fine for Christmas but as we use First Class delivery the last posting date is the 21st December, which should allow plenty of time

Also released this month from Privateer Press is another miniature in the Iron Kingdoms RPG series. Click on the link below for more details.

Okoru Hargrosh - Ogrun Fighter


Urban War - Click here

We are pleased to announce a new range for December. This is Urban War - Urban Mammoth's eagerly anticipated new rule system...

Urban War is a bi-monthly, sci-fi skirmish game set in the Void 1.1 Universe. Players build small teams of soldiers to fight in the war torn city-planet of Iskandria. Every issue introduces new troops for each of the factions: Viridians, Junkers, VASA, and Syntha as the war on Iskandria unfolds. The individual model and experienced based system allows you to develop your teams to suit your strategies and tactics.
We've marked this issue "ZERO" because this is the basic game system, further issues will develop the game and the world. The next issues will be more magazine-like in their content. They will of course have new rules and bring in new troop types but they will focus heavily on the support side of the game with scenarios, painting and modelling guides and a lot more fiction.

The first issue will also include a coupon for a free figure - Triad Boss

Release date - 4th December


Iron Kingdoms RPG - New Miniatures

There are four more offerings for this month from the new and excellent range of RPG character figures based within the WarMachine world.

For more details, click on the links below.

Daniera Madise, Cleric of Morrow
Magus Damien Sperling - Cygnarian Warcaster
Hugo Lobanov - Khadoran Arcane Mechanik
Gulgrenvogulugken - Gobber Adventurer


WarMachine Wave 17

Here's the new releases for Warmachine... Buy yourself some extra help with two new mercenary products in the shape of the Devil Dog unit boxset and the Devil Dog blister which contains two miniatures.

More details can be found by clicking the links below.

Devil Dogs Unit
Devil Dogs blister


Rackham + Rag'Narok + Cynwalls
December Releases

This month sees the introduction of the first of the unit boxsets for the upcoming Rag'Narok game from Rackham. Also this month are new releases for Dirz and a spiffy mage warrior for the Cynwall Elves!

Here's the list of links for this month. To pre-order just click the links!


Guards of Kaiber
Griffin Conscripts
Cynwall Warriors
Zombie Warriors


Clones of Centurus 1
Clones of Centurus 2
Cynwall Synchronime

Have fun!


Hasslefree Miniatures

We have just uploaded 12 more miniatures from the excellent Hasslefree range...

Including, Eve, Jenova, Sebastian, Kristian, Ana, Harem Girl, Poledancer, Gymnast, Kjaran Pirate, Aquatic Troll, My Hero and Vadim Orc

Check them out and order by clicking HERE


GroundForge Bases

GameMart are pleased to announce an excellent new range of high-quality, resin cast bases in both Fantasy and Sci-Fi themes.

Resin cast solutions for your miniatures

Are you bored with the standard flock and sand on your miniatures? Want to make your troops stand out from the rest? Looking for fast, stunning display bases for your latest masterpiece?

G-Forge is devoted to the production of quality scenic bases for your miniatures. These products are cast in high quality polyeurethane resin and are supplied ready for you to customise with your own paintjob!

Click HERE for more details and for ordering


see below for the rest :)

Urban Mammoth Terrain kits

We'd like to announce a great new product for the UK in the shape of these cool Urban Mammoth terrain sets. There are two sets in two different sizes making four in all. Each set is modular to and can be added to using more kits of the same Platformer to Platformer and Hexagon to Hexagon. The posibilities are pretty much endless.

Produced in gunmetal coloured high impact plastic. No gluing required, just clip together and play. Build any design you want, then dismantle and rebuild into a new set up for the next game. Great for tabletop gamers, scratch builders, modellers and diorama makers.

Here's the range -

Hexagon - small
Hexagon - large
Platformer - small
Platformer - large

These have been anticipated for some time and it's our guess that the first shipment will sell out rapidly. The first shipment is due on the 22nd of November. If you want to guarantee a look-in, please pre-order.


Rackham New Releases!

Including Cry Havoc Vol 2

A great month of new releases in November. As well as the new miniatures, there is the 2nd English volume of Cry Havoc - the high-quality quarterly magazine. Also this month is the release of the 2005 Rackham Calendar. This is sure to be on everyones Christmas list, so make sure that you don't miss out!!. There is also a new Limited Edition boxset released in the shape of Syd de Kaiber. This will include one limited edition figure and a Novel. See below for a the full list of releases -

Cry Havoc Volume 2
2005 Rackham Calendar
Irae Tenebrae - Immortals of Darkness
Kain - Black Paladin Champion
Yh-Sabahal - The Winged Fury
Syd de Kaiber


The release date is approximately the middle of November!


Iron Kingdoms RPG miniatures - New Releases!

More great miniatures released this month for the IK Warmachine world. These are proving to be very popular indeed. I can't say we are surprised, as this range is one of the best we've seen in quite a while and very reasonably priced!!

The releases are -

Valeria Alvaro, Ordic Pistoleer
Narn - Elven Mage Hunter
Lazar Grigsov, Khadoran Rifleman
Hemrick Groot, Second Storyman

Just click on the links above for more details of this great range!


WarMachine New Release!

Just one new release this month... but we think you will agree that it is a case of quality over quantity, with the release of the Gorten Grunback Mercenary boxset. Click the link below for more details and to order.

Gorten Grunback Battlegroup

The release is imminent and we should have stock within a few days.


Last remainder of stock clearout!!!

That's right... a huge and unbeatable 30% off!! Most items have just 1 or 2 items left before they are sold out. This offer will never be repeaeted. Just click HERE for the list.


Gale Force 9
Warmachine Warcaster tokens and more

At some point next week we are receiving the new WarMachine Warcaster tokens that accompany the WarMachine template that has been available for some time.

Each Warcaster has a separate counter pack available.

As well as the Warmachine template and Warcaster tokens, there are sevaeral more new templates and markers available.

These are to be found under the new Gale Force 9 category on the menu bar or by clicking HERE


Iron Kingdoms RPG miniatures

At long last... This range of figures for the IK RPG game has been hugely anticipated and are due for UK release approximately October 6th.

This is going to be a very popular range judging by the number of eager enquiries that we have been receiving.

The range is, in one word, superb. So whether you want to use them for the D20 game, integrate them into your WarMachine army or tickle them with a lavish paintjob... it may be advisable to order early, as these, like the Escalation release, will sell quickly!!

The range can be found under the WarMachine D20 link on the menu or by clicking HERE.


Dark Sword Miniatures

We've been meaning to stock these for a while ....and now we are!!

The quality of these premium boxsets is excellent. The first five Elmore Masterworks sets are now available and also the first Parkinson Masterworks set.

To see the range CLICK HERE


Mighty Armies
Mongoose Publishing

A new line for the GameMart store. This is a great idea -

Each Mighty Armies box contains a complete army of 40-50 Super-Size 15mm miniatures, rulebook, dice and measuring aid - in fact, everything you need to begin wargmaing in one easy to use package! All at a great price too!

At the moment, there are two armies available - Orcs and Barbarians. This list will be added to with each release. The next release will be the Wood Elves.

CLICK HERE to see the range


Warmachine D20

Full Metal Fantasy arrives!

Compatible with the d20 System, the Iron Kingdoms "Full Metal Fantasy" Character Guide allows players to create new and exciting characters and classes, learn about the various races and ethnic groups of western Immoren, find out the essentials on the world's cosmology and religions, and discover loads of important information about how magic and mechanika works in this realm that fuses steam power with the arcane.

Click here for more info

400 pages and hardback cover


Points make Prizes!!

The GameMart Points System...

That's right... we've introduced a point system that enables you to save points to exchange for goodies within the store!! 

This is fully automated and you will be able to follow your progress from either your order emails or from your account page.

Click here for further details...

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